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GF at #AAFW 2022

GF at #AAFW 2022

The Carriageworks precinct in Eveleigh, NSW is where the majority of this year’s AAFW events took place. Exciting collections from emerging designers all over Australia, shaping and showing us the future of this industry.

This year Sustainability was an important topic of the event. The drive to influence businesses to start adopting responsible, environmentally sustainable practices had never been clearer.

This year we joined Catherine Jia on her first journey to #AAFW, whilst looking fabulous in our Marlon Chocolate Brown Slip Dress.

"It’s really empowering to see brands driving sustainable change in the fashion industry whilst showing us that you can be stylish"


"Grace Franc is my favourite Sydney based slow fashion brand that doesn't compromise on style, ethics and environmental impact by using small batch production and local manufacturing."
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