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Prepare for your journey by assembling a mood board, defining your design concept, establishing a budget, and setting a timeline. It is crucial to have a clear vision of your desired design, as adjustments may be limited once the process commences, although minor refinements can still be accommodated.

Upon receiving your email, we will promptly arrange a consultation over the phone. This discussion will enable us to delve into your ideas, understand your design aspirations, and align them with your pricing expectations.

Following the consultation, we kindly request a 100% deposit for all packages. Then we start work on your design and technical pack. We value transparency throughout the process and will keep you informed at every stage, seeking your approval for all designs before progressing to the production phase.

Once your designs are approved, our team of skilled local artisans commences the meticulous crafting of your envisioned piece. We create our pieces in standard sizes, which ensures greater affordability and eliminates the need for individual fittings. In the rare instance that minor adjustments are required, we recommend seeking local alteration services.

We place great emphasis on communication, offering regular updates and sharing videos that provide you with insight into the progress of your creation. Prior to the final product's shipment, your piece will undergo your thorough approval by and your vision and specifications.

Finally, we prepare and deliver the final product directly to your doorstep.