Overproduction in fashion is one of the world’s biggest environmental disasters. We refuse to make that problem worse.

Our Minimal Production system allows us to accurately anticipate demand levels prior to production, so we only produce the amount of pieces we’re really going to sell. For you, this means getting to order next Collections 'must haves' early on before you miss out, while participating in the movement towards a more sustainable fashion future.


We have worked aimlessly to locate ethical local fashion houses and industry experts to help us produce our products, working with partners from Sydney to Western Australia.

We believe in building meaningful relationships with our partners and working together in order to create beautiful quality pieces that last for years to come.Producing locally ensures a lower carbon footprint and support for our local community of workers. We have regular visits to our Manufacturing facilities by the team to ensure ethical environments are consistent.


Our Ethos is to increase our sustainability as we grow! Being a Start-Up Brand, we have limited resources, however, we plan to work towards making a huge difference in the fashion industry, starting with Australia!

Some of our Goals include, A sustainable Pre-order system for all Collections, the use of dead stock fabrics sourced Globally, reuse, recycle. Portions of funds to be donated to charities, and setting and creating a new Industry standard for sustainability across Australia.


GRACE FRANC was Founded by Creative Director & Designer, Isabella Francis, when noticing a real lack of effortlessly beautiful, luxury sleepwear that blurred the line between Daywear and Nightwear. 

"I was sick of seeing one purpose garments, GF is about investment in trans-seasonal multipurpose garments, that will last years to come! It's more than Sleepwear, It"s a lifestyle.

Heavily influenced by black & white films and decades of the 20s to the 30s with a modern twist.

The lines, shapes, and silhouettes are what GRACE FRANC carries across every piece. Each collection depicts a different story and emotion.

Luxury Sleepwear that does not follow trends but creates them, designing garments & accessories that you can keep forever (forever-pieces)

GRACE FRANC embodies the modern woman of all shapes and sizes

“My goal is to create Ready-to-Wear Versatile Pieces that takes the Modern Woman from Day to Night, in the most timeless, planet conscious way possible”